Ostara, Beltane, South Korea, and Beijing Adventures!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry that I have been MIA for about two months now. There’s actually been a lot of stuff happening that I would have liked to write about, but I’ve also been dealing with a lot of schedule changes and haven’t had the time to write recently. My fiction that I’m working on has definitely been neglected, as well as my blogging. However, I have been working on managing my time a bit better now that I’m busier, so I should be updating more frequently now.

A lot has happened since I’ve returned from my trip to Hong Kong. We’ve had two more Sabbats (Ostara and Beltane) pass by, which I am sorry that I didn’t post about as I love to write about celebrating them. I’ve been keeping my celebrations small as I actually find it more difficult in an urban setting. I think my practice is stagnating partly because of my time issues and also because I’ve realized I just don’t know how to be an urban witch. Any resources or advice is definitely welcome!

For Ostara, I went slightly unconventional, but what I did felt right. Since eggs are the largest symbol of Ostara, a fertility Sabbat that also celebrates the light coming back to the Earth, I used eggs to make a French Toast breakfast for myself and my roommate. I saved the eggshells and we walked down to the small river near our house, and I used that to give the eggs back. This is similar to what I used to do for Samhain, when I would take the apple core and peel and put it in the forest, so it felt right at the time.

About two weeks after Ostara, there was a public holiday and I had a few days off of work. During this time I visited the grounds of the Old Summer Palace again, and it was nice to see it when it wasn’t freezing cold. The first time I wore two pairs of pants, a winter coat, hat, gloves, etc, but this time I could wear just a tank top and shorts, and it was more comfortable walking around in the nice weather.

During this time, I’ve made some new friends at work and outside of work. Since I have been making more money recently, I’ve been able to go out and have more fun. My friends have taken me to some great places around Beijing, so now I know where to get good Korean BBQ, Mexican food, American BBQ, and of course, good Chinese food. I have learned how to say a few more things in Chinese, including the numbers which makes life a lot easier.

Beltane coincided with my trip to Seoul, South Korea. We were lucky to have beautiful weather, and I admit I didn’t do anything that would seem particularly special for the holiday. However, there was some beautiful flowers when we went to visit one of the palaces in Seoul, so I stopped quickly to thank the God and Goddess for their blessings and to keep blessing the Earth with their fertility. My roommate, always wanting to make sure that anyone’s spiritual needs are met, asked if I wanted to do anything else. But that small moment felt just right this year. I was in the middle of exploring a new city and environment, and that felt like exactly what I was supposed to be doing. I am blessed to just be able to travel as I am in the first place, and it seemed spiritually right to be doing that and just stopping for a second to say a thank you.

I have another public holiday coming up in two weeks, as well as another trip possibly planned for the end of June, so I will also have a lot more to write about. And I am going to be attempting to delve a bit more into meditation, and see if that helps me expand my spiritual practice a bit more.


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