Hong Kong is a Wonderful Getaway!

This past week I took a two-day trip with my roommate to Hong Kong, where we also met up with a friend we met during our training who lives in Shanghai. It was a quick 48 hours, but that was enough time for me to see how wonderful of a city it is. I am hoping to make it back for a longer stay soon.

It is about a three-hour flight from Beijing to Hong Kong, and then it was about an hour bus ride from the airport to Causeway Bay, where we stayed. If you need a hostel recommendation for Hong Kong, I definitely recommend the Yes Inn at Causeway Bay. It’s a good location, with lots of places to eat around it and easy access to buses and the subway.

Our first day we arrived in the city around 3pm, and decided to simply walk around the city until our friend was ready to meet up with us. The city itself is one I find very beautiful. I had some nostalgia for Edinburgh and London while I was there, as you can really see the evidence of British colonialism there. We went into a mall near our hostel to see if we could go high enough for a decent view. We couldn’t go as high as we thought, but I got some fun pictures that you can see below. We were struck by just how many brand name stores we saw while walking around the city and the mall, from all over the world. Sadly, we did not have enough money to try out Hard Rock Cafe Hong Kong.

We met our friend for dinner in the evening, and took the subway to the Central part of the city. After debating what we should eat, we decided to try a restaurant called the Dragon Noodle Academy, just based off the fact that we loved the name. Their food is delicious, so I recommend giving them a try if you’re in Hong Kong and looking for a meal. I highly suggest their sweet and sour pork with pineapple, or their shredded duck vermicelli, but they also have many other dishes that looked delicious. They did have options that would please vegetarians and vegans as well.

If we had had more money (another month or so of work and this hopefully won’t be as much of an issue) I would have wanted to try some of the bars around and get some drinks, but I only got one cocktail during the trip due to lack of funds. Next time I go I will sample some more.


While the food was delicious and the city is interesting just to walk around, the highlight of the trip was hiking up Dragon’s Back Ridge on the second day, after walking around a marketplace in an area that was much less western than the parts of the city we had already been in. There were also some temples that we stopped to look in, but we didn’t have a lot of time before our hike.

I was hesitant to hike because I did not think we would be hiking on this trip, but decided to give it a try anyway, in my sandals. Our original plan was to meet up with a free tour we saw advertised, but we found out later we took the wrong subway exit number, so we thought we had missed it. A minibus was leaving for that area, so we agreed to pay the small fee to hop on and have it take us to the base of the hike. It took around an hour to get to the top of the mountain, and there were some great views along the way. The hike of the ridge itself takes about two hours, and while I survived in flip flops, I highly recommend sneakers, it will be more enjoyable that way!


Funnily enough, we actually ran into the people who were running the free tour we had tried to find on our way down, and they helped us figure out how to get back to the city. Thanks to their help, we managed to find the bus stop that took us back to the subway, and sitting felt just a little amazing by that point. Also, the bus was heated, and I’d also been hiking in a tank top, so I was just a bit cold when we were finished.

We treated ourselves to a dinner of crispy pork curry, and flat rice noodles with chicken, and beef satay, thinking we’d earned it for that hike. Now I know that my roommate loves hiking while traveling so I will make sure I bring sneakers in the future.

Enjoy some photos of the view from Dragon’s Back, Hong Kong is a beautiful city!


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