Blessed Yule and an Exciting Announcement!

May you all have a Blessed Yuletide! This is always one of my favorite marks on the Wheel of the Year because while it is the shortest day of the year, it means the light is returning to us soon as the world is reborn! And as someone who suffers from seasonal depression, it starts to bring me relief from my symptoms as well as spiritual bliss. Not to mention, it is also rather beautiful outside where I am!


Since Yule is the time where the Sun God is reborn to us and the light returns, I have decided that this is the perfect time to announce an exciting new development in my life. At the beginning of January, I will be leaving for Beijing, China to teach English for a year! I have been working towards a goal of teaching English abroad for a while and it is finally going to happen! My course work and trip to Nicaragua to do practice teaching came at exactly the right time.

I held off on announcing mostly due to some issues getting a Visa, but that’s a story for another time. I got the job offer at the beginning of October, and it was as if the Gods really approve of the plan as it worked out so well and with the perfect timeline. I was able to quit my soul-destroying hospitality customer service job before Christmas so I am able to spend the holidays with my family. I even pushed my notice up a week, leaving earlier than I had originally planned to accommodate my trip to Washington DC to apply for my Visa (applications must be delivered in person, or through an agent, which I do not have). I got to spend the first part of the holiday season with a close friend, and got to visit my sister in Arlington! I will post more on that trip later, as I had a chance to do a lot of sight seeing, but here’s my must take tourist shot of the monument and reflecting pool.


One of my other witchy friends likes to say “The Gods will push us in a certain direction sometimes, and we might resist at first because it sounds frightening, or impractical. But in the end, if we hesitate to make a decision when we are floundering, we find that it eventually gets made for us.”  And I believe she is right about this. It’s not that the Gods would undermine our free will, but I have found that some things work out for the best even if the “decision is made for me.” For instance, I am actually pretty sure that if I hadn’t left when I did I would have eventually been fired. I know my performance hadn’t been as good as before, simply because I was miserable there. But once I made the decision that went with my instincts, things looked better. I got through my last few weeks without too much difficulty (and my last day ended up being sooner than expected since the manager took me off my last two shifts…) and now I am free.

I am free to take up this new adventure and hopefully make 2017 a better year than 2016 (because the Gods know I certainly don’t want it to be worse). One thing I will say about 2016 though, it is the year I finally learned that my instincts are to be trusted. I have learned that I can trust myself more through the years, but this year I finally realized that I can stop second guessing myself. Just because something doesn’t seem practical to everyone else, or seems risky, doesn’t mean it is a reckless or wrong decision. I have learned to read my hesitations, and am able to discern whether my hesitation is in fact due to an instinct that this may be a bad idea, or if my hesitation is based on outside concerns. I spent money on a course, and then extra money for my trip to Nicaragua to finish this course. When it didn’t work out for me to go to my top choice country right away, my instincts told me to try for other ones, and lo and behold, it turned out there were many opportunities.

With this return of the light, I find I am coming into many more blessings, and I wish the same for all of you. Just keep your eyes (including your third) and your mind open, and you will be surprised at what may be available to you!

I will be making every effort to post regularly while I am in China, and I hope to travel to other places in Asia through the next year as well!


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