Going Green Pt. 1-Reusable Menstrual Products

Through my journey into Paganism, Wicca, and magic, I have gained a bigger appreciation for the environment than I had before. Although always a lover of nature and the outdoors, it is this journey that has made me want to take steps to change my life to be more environmentally friendly. While I am still working on being eco-conscious in many ways, I have found started unexpected life change over the past few months that not only allowed me to help the environment, but also encouraged me to delve into a deeper connection to my feminine energy.

IMG_0746Some of my cloth pads, made by Rainbows Grace on Etsy.

I was considered a bit of an early bloomer when it came to puberty, as I got my first period barely three months after I turned eleven. Well, at least it was considered early back then, apparently the average age for menarche has lowered in recent years. I used disposable pads through middle school and hated them but was nervous about using tampons. When I started high school, I decided to give them a try and while I still found them rather gross and annoying, I preferred the internal protection to the sweaty and itchy disposable pads and figured it was just something I would have to deal with because I didn’t know of any other options.

IMG_0747 Panty liners from Dominoe Pads and Creationsby5 on Etsy

Then one day, I was browsing on YouTube and came across videos about reusable menstrual products, particularly cloth pads and menstrual cups. I remembered seeing a Diva Cup while at CVS before, but hadn’t thought much about it at the time, especially as it seemed a bit out of my budget. But watching the video about the Moon Cup on Laci Green’s channel, and many videos on the Precious Stars YouTube channel, I became more interested in trying reusable products, especially after seeing different testimonies about how much more pleasant they made other people’s periods. I decided to buy the Diva Cup the next time I was at CVS, and ordered some cloth pads from the Luna Pads website just to see if I liked them. And I did, although admittedly those were not the best ones for my body (this does not mean they are not well made and effective products, this is entirely about my own body and personal preferences).

IMG_0748My three cups, from left to right, the BreexLena size small special edition, Diva cup size one, and Meluna size medium.

After some trial and error, and perusing through the Precious Stars channel on YouTube, I found products that I not only liked, but that actually allowed me to enjoy my cycle more. I was tracking it more and even looking forward to menstruating when I had new pads or a new cup to try (I got a second one, the Meluna, when the Diva turned out to be a bit too long for my body, and now I have the BreexLena cup because I got an Amazon gift card and I think that one may be the best one for me). I wasn’t uncomfortable, and as such could focus on other aspects of menstruation aside from how uncomfortable it can be.* Cloth pads and menstrual cups have made a huge difference for me in how I experience menstruation and have given me ideas for combining this aspect of my physical life and making it into a more spiritual experience, from simply using it as a time to connect more to the divine feminine, or to use my menstrual fluid in ritual. Next cycle I’ll try to use one of these ideas in ritual or magic and write about how it works out!

I may write some separate posts on the different products that I use, because although it’s not what I would typically write about, RUMPs are great alternative to the commonly used disposables that I want every menstruating person to be aware of them in case they want to try something different.

*Note: I have been fortunate in that I don’t typically suffer debilitating cramps or other pain during periods, and reusable products don’t have an effect on that aspect, so people who do suffer from those pains should take this statement about comfort with a grain of a salt. No person will experience this in the same way.

Links for Reference:

Laci Green’s Moon Cup Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cdsXi__SoE

Precious Stars Pads Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/preciousstarspads/featured


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