Stonehenge and Avebury

I visited both of these sites in 2013 as part of my research for my Master’s Dissertation. As expected, especially sine it was summer, Stonehenge was very crowded. I had visited before and it always is, but oddly, the crowds don’t detract from the visits. You can still get some great photos and learn the legends surrounding the stones.

The photo on the left is from Avebury, which is another massive group of standing stones in England. It’s much larger than Stonehenge, which is one the right. The majority of the stones at Stonehenge are grouped together, and fairly easy to get around.

Avebury is spread over many more acres. I spent half a day just wandering around the stones, and I’m still not sure I saw all of them. I kept imaging different sacred rituals that might have taken place in different parts.

My one recommendation is that if you are going in the summer and wearing short sleeves, bring plenty of sunscreen, or you may be as badly burnt as I was.


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