Another Travel photo.

Europe Trip 2010 321

This is a shot of Loch Lomond from my first visit to Scotland. When I visited, I heard the song called Loch Lomond the first time and learned the history behind it.

This is the chorus

“You’ll take the high road/And I’ll take the low road/And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye/Where me and my true love/Will never meet again/On the bonnie bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

According to the guide who was leading my tour, the song is about two brothers, one of whom was to be executed by the English, while the other would be allowed to live. The younger brother sacrificed himself so his older brother could go home to his wife and children. The “low” road he is taking in the chorus is death, and that is why he will never meet his true love again.



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